Monday, October 15, 2012

Microwave Girl Shop Update!

I seem to have gotten stuck in a recipe rut again, for lack of a better word. What can I say, I like to eat good food, and I like to share good gluten free recipes. Some gluten free food is just horrible, so when I make something that tastes "normal" to me, I feel like I have to share it with the world. But enough about food.

I have finally updated my etsy shop! I can never seem to find the time (or motivation) to photograph my  work, but I forced myself to do it this past weekend. I am pleased to announce that there are 5 new items in my shop as of today.

I have two new cards: Olive Juice and Heart Hands.

I finally got enough Lunch Notes printed to be able to put some for sale online.

 And last, but not least, two thaumatrope designs: Lightning Bugs in Mason Jar, and Sizzling Bacon.
Both sides of the Lightning Bug thaumatrope

My somewhat successful attempt at photographing what your eye sees when
you twirl the strings between your fingers

Both sides of the Bacon thaumatrope

This turned out a little better than the lightning bugs in motion, the bacon
and pan are both facing the camera at least.

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