Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to June!

Well, a happy belated birthday. It was on the 12th (I promise I told her happy birthday in person on the right day). I can't believe this baby is already one!

We threw a Dr. Seuss themed party last Saturday in our back yard, and I thought I would share our Seuss-themed ideas. We decorated the tables with Dr. Seuss books, and added Dr. Seuss references wherever we could.

Thing One and Thing Two had to go inside because one
of the kids was nervous around dogs
The Happy Birthday banner is made out of paper coasters. The cat in the Hat cut
out, that I think is intended to be a classroom decoration, came from
I made spikey tissue pom poms, which were also hanging from the pecan tree
that shades our patio
For her invitation, I scanned the cover of Happy Birthday to You and altered it to say "June" instead of "You."

For the inside, I scanned a spread from the inside of the book, and added a little poem we wrote:

Our little June is turning one
So join us for some birthday fun

We hope that you can come and play
To make this an extra special day

There will be cake, and hot dogs too
The only thing we need is you!

For the food, we served:
Frankfurter roast- from The Sneetches (hot dogs)
Hop on Popcorn (kettle corn)
Bippilo seeds (jelly beans)
Grinch Dip (spinach dip)
Fish in a pot- from The Cat in the Hat (goldfish crackers in a tea pot)
Cat Hats (strawberry and marshmallow skewers)
Pink Yink Ink- from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (pink lemonade)

I made little signs for all of the Seuss food with a font I downloaded
and images from the books they are referencing
We also had some non-Seuss food: pretzel sticks, pirates booty, potato salad, baked beans, and a cheese ball.

For entertainment, we had was some sidewalk chalk, a bubble machine (that broke), a photo booth, and a McElligot's Pool magnetic fishing game that I made out of things I had around the house (I will try to post a tutorial later).

I think he caught all the fish at once!
The older kids mostly played with the photo booth. At first no one would take a picture. The kids only wanted to play with the props and wouldn't get in front of the camera. I was worried it would be a flop, but eventually people started using it, and the pictures were really cute!

Our Seuss-tastic photo booth was made by hanging curtains (which I already
had for my artist market display) and streamers on the front of my shed.
We bought a $6 wireless shutter release for the camera and set up the tripod
so people could take pictures of themselves with the remote. 
Since my camera was being used for the photo booth, my awesome sister (who's esty store is here, if you need any jewelry supplies) volunteered to take pictures of the party for me. She did an awesome job. She also did an awesome job helping set up the party, with a little help from our husbands.

Ignore the bare dirt around my patio. My dogs won't let any grass grow there.
Oh and the cake! I almost forgot the cake!  It was from Green Eggs and Ham. I made sugar cookies and used store bought cookie icing to decorate them like green eggs. The cake was an adventure, which I will also try to post a tutorial on in the near future, but I think it turned out well, especially since I had no idea what I was doing.

Green Ham cake!
June was not interested in eating any cake. She got so messy that we had to give her a quick bath before she could open presents, but I don't think any cake actually got in her mouth.

There's always next year.
The last thing we did was buy a copy of Happy Birthday to You, and some colorful pens. I asked all of the guests to sign the book for June so she will have a keepsake from her first birthday party. I thought it was something special to do so she would know who came to celebrate with us.

It's hard to see in the photo, but there is a little sign that says
"Would you, Could you, Sign this book?"

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