Sunday, August 26, 2012

30 Day of Eating In: Week Three

I went grocery shopping on Day 18 and spent $82, that makes $315 for the month so far. I'm finding it hard to reduce our grocery bill much lower. My goal is to get under $400 for the month, and I'm not sure if we are going to make it. I ran out of chicken, pork chops, and ham a the same time so I need to restock my freezer next week. I did splurge on some tuna steak this week though. I haven't had tuna steak in two years, and it seemed like a much tastier idea than the salmon I was planning on buying.

To save money, I plan my meals around the what is on sale, and I clip all of the coupons that I can. Honestly though, there aren't that many that I can use since I'm on a gluten free diet. 

Day 15 
Breakfast: Gluten free pancakes 
Lunch: Pimento cheese sandwich (on Rudi's GF bread)

Day 16

Breakfast: Yogurt 
Lunch: Turkey sandwich (on Rudi's GF bread)
Dinner: Leftover chicken tostadas

Day 17 

Breakfast: Yogurt
Lunch: Leftover chicken tostadas
Dinner: Quiche

Day 18 

Breakfast: Yogurt
Lunch: Leftover quiche, bananas
Dinner: Chicken nuggets, corn on the cob

Day 19 

Breakfast: Bananas
Lunch: Leftover chicken nuggets
Dinner: Tuna steak, salad

Day 20 

Breakfast: Yogurt and cereal
Lunch: Pimento cheese sandwich on Rudi's GF bread

Day 21 

Breakfast: Yogurt, banananas, cherries
Lunch: leftover turkey jambalaya
Dinner: Pork chops, baked beans*, cantaloupe

*Whenever possible, I double my recipes and freeze the extra. These foods were already cooked and in my freezer. 

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