Sunday, August 19, 2012

30 Days of Eating In: Week Two

I went to the grocery store on Day 11 this week and spent $88, which is at least better than last week. So far I am up to $233 for the month.

Below is a list of what I cooked this week. If you decide to try the cornbread recipe (which is very good, by the way) keep in mind that gluten free baked goods spoil very quickly. If you want the leftovers, store them in the freezer. I made the mushroom stroganoff with gluten free flour and Sam Mills spaghetti, which is by far the least expensive pasta I have been able to find locally. We tried it with spaghetti sauce and the flavor combination was a little off, but it worked perfectly with the stroganoff.

Day 8 
Breakfast: Bananas and yogurt 
Lunch: Leftover fajita-ranch chicken wraps
Dinner: Chicken kabobs and rice
Snack: Cashews

Day 9

Breakfast: Banana, gluten free bagel (Udi's, and they are just OK, not really worth it)
Lunch: Leftover chicken kabobs and rice
Dinner: Leftover pork tenderloin and asparagus
Snack: Fruit salad

Day 10 

Breakfast: Fruit salad, cereal
Lunch: Pimento cheese sandwich (on Rudi's GF bread), diced apples
Dinner: Tacos*

Day 11 

Breakfast: Gluten Free Banana bread*
Lunch: Hot dogs, fruit salad
Dinner: Grilled chicken, gluten free macaroni and cheese, salad
Snack: String cheese

Day 12 

Breakfast: Yogurt and bananas
Lunch: leftover chicken and macaroni and cheese

Day 13 

Breakfast: Gluten free pancakes
Lunch: Leftover mushroom stroganoff and asparagus

Day 14 

Breakfast: Yogurt
Lunch: Hot dogs 
Dinner: Chicken tostadas and cheese dip

*Whenever possible, I double my recipes and freeze the extra. These foods were already cooked and in my freezer. 

In case you missed my post about challenging myself to not eat out for a month, you can read it here, and my progress in week one is here

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