Saturday, September 1, 2012

30 Days of Eating In: Week Four

We are in the home stretch! I made a trip to Costco on Day 23 and spent $49 on a a block of cheese, spiral sliced ham, and 10 lbs of chicken breast. I baked the ham and froze what we didn't eat this week in meal-sized portions.

I went to the grocery store on Day 27 and spent $29. That's $78 for the week and $393 for the month. Below is a list of what we ate this week:

Day 22 
Breakfast: Bacon and cantaloupe
Lunch: Hot dogs and chips
Dinner: Sausage, peas, and potatoes au gratin

Day 23

Breakfast: Bananas, yogurt
Lunch: Turkey sandwich on Rudi's GF bread and cantaloupe
Dinner: Leftover sausage, peas, and potatoes au gratin

Day 24 

Breakfast: Yogurt and cereal
Lunch: Turkey sandwich and cherries
Dinner: Ham and hash brown casserole

Day 25 

Breakfast: Cherries and cereal
Lunch: Leftover ham and hash brown casserole

Day 26 

Breakfast: Yogurt and cherries
Lunch: Leftover hash brown casserole and hot dogs
Dinner: Leftover gluten free lasagna

Day 27 

Breakfast: Pears and cereal
Lunch: Leftover gluten free lasagna

Day 28 

Breakfast: Peaches and cereal
Lunch: Leftover pork chops primavera
Dinner: Shepherd's pie

*Whenever possible, I double my recipes and freeze the extra. These foods were already cooked and in my freezer. 

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